Jonathan Cohen, A.P.
Licensed Acupuncture Physician



Client Testimonials

“Jonathan is quite knowledgeable in the diagnosis and treatment of each client’s needs. A very professional and relaxing environment.”

– Steve S.

“I highly recommend Atlantic Acupuncture! I have tried acupuncture from others in the past, but Jonathan Cohen is the most thorough and effective in my experience. I came to him for horrible PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, anxiety and libido problems, and later for back pain from a car accident. The treatments he provided improved all my symptoms significantly and helped me to feel more balanced overall. The Daytona office and treatment rooms are flawlessly clean and pleasant, and the treatments are relaxing, spa-like and effective. I have referred others who have greatly benefited from his services as well. Don’t hesitate to give Atlantic Acupuncture a try!”

– Laura R.

“Doctor Jonathan Cohen helped save my life through his treatments and herbal remedies. Working alongside of the established medical community in Daytona and with some holistic help, he helped me to walk again without a cane, to breathe better after years of smoking, and to have a healthier digestive system. He successfully treated my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. I am very grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone suffering from these or any other problems.”

– Pat K.

“Atlantic Acupuncture has helped alleviate my back pain, my digestion difficulties and periodic insomnia. It’s very important to my general wellbeing.”

– Nancy S.

"Jonathan treated me for a painful attack of sciatica. The symptoms disappeared within three days, and they haven’t returned."

– Ed C.

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